Registrations is now enabled!

We have finally been able to enable self-service registration of user accounts on the XMPP server. This is a a form on the web page with robot protection to prevent the creation of spam accounts. The service does also include functionality for self-service password resets. Please find the forms in the menu.

This service is based on the excellent plugin by Krzysztof Grochocki, for more information see here:

Database troubles

Since we upgraded the server to Ejabberd 20.01 we have had some issues with the database. This is being worked on, but since we have a huge DB it takes some time. In the meantime we will have instability until we have ironed out the issues. Sorry for this, but hopefully when this is done we will get a more stable service (fingers crossed).

Downtime due to DDOS attack

We have been attacked by DDOS since 20th of December. No dataloss or data exposure. During this time we found that the server needed som updating and we decide to migrate to a new server. This means the databases and services will be flaky for the next few days but expect to be back to full stability within new-year.

Right now we are running the service on a temporary server and will do so until we move to our final production system.

Sorry about this! Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!