New patch applied now that hopefully fixes the issue. We think the problems is with Spectrum transport and the way ejabberd handles some error messages from Spectrum.

More information:

We have now applied the patch to the running stable version, it will be fixed in Ejabberd 2.1.4 so next upgrade is safe. Let us just hope this now works! (Thanks a million for the help Asbjørn!)

Yahoo transport test

I have just added the latest CVS version of the Yahoo transport and it seems to be working from my initial tests. Please have a look at it and report findings. To make it work I removed all the old registrations on it, so you woul have to re-register the transport on your account.

This is a little beta, so no guarantees! 😀

Updates to the Service

As the Ubuntu version we are running has expired on support we need to upgrade. Last time we upgraded we had lost of problems so we will install a new installation and reconfigure all services and do a switchover. When the new server is ready we will announce the switch.

We have also been updating the web page to make it more current, and plus the new version of WordPress has excellent plugins for multilanuage content which I have installed. During this phase some web services might not work.