Registrations disabled

Hello all, sadly we have been attacked with spammers and we therefor need to disable registration of new users to the server. This will be enabled again as soon as needed mitigations are implemented.

Also we need to delete the accounts registrered the last days as most/all of these are owned by not wanted users. Sorry about this.

Downtime today

Sorry, but have today had issues with Ejabberd – it would not start after a normal service restart. Due to having a really horrible Internet connection during my vacation on Sicily in Italy resolving it took a long time.

I ended up reinstalling and recompiling Ejabberd and now it seems to be back in service.

Very sorry about this and the trouble this has caused.

Upgrade of Ejabberd and Certificate

Just upgraded to Ejabberd version 2.1.10, no new functionality just bug fixes. Also I upgraded our SSL certificate to Class 2 from Startcom giving us a higher verification class. In practise not a big change but it means the server and service has a better verification and there is more reason to trust the validity of the server.

The transports are not back due to problems geting the new Spectrum service to work stable. I am still doing testing of these from time to time and will introduce them again when the service is stable enough. In the interim I would suggest using multiple clients or a multiprotocol one like Pidgin or Digsby and similar. Other suggestions? Leave them in the comments. 🙂