Upgraded to Ejabberd 2.1.4

Now we have upgraded to the new version of Ejabberd that hopefully will fix the problems we have had with the transports taking down the service a few times every day. We will see over the next few days if all has been fixed.

You can read more about this new version of Ejabberd here: http://www.ejabberd.im/ejabberd-2.1.4

Spectrum Transports updated to v0.1

The Spectrum test transports have now been upgraded to version 0.1 as described and distributed on http://spectrum.im. Now we will test these a few weeks, and if they work good we will remove the Python based transports. Remember that you will have to re-register on the transport at that time.

Have a nice easter!

Update: Recently Spectrum was upgraded to version 0.2 🙂

Upgraded to Ejabberd 2.1.0

We have upgraded to ejabberd 2.1.0, albeit a longer downtime window than expected. In any case the upgrade has been done and we are now running on the newest version of ejabberd. There is some new possibilities in this version that we will explore and maybe use to extend the service.

We had a bit of a problem with database conversion that we need to address, but I have configured a workaround that should work stable. When we fix this permanently there will be another bit of downtime I am afraid.

The Spectrum transports are now running stable the last couple of days. For some time we had some unstable code in committed by the developers. This has now been rolled back and things seems to be more stable and mature. Soon this will become the preferred transport solution for Jabber Norway and the old transports will be shut down.

Spectrum Transports

Some of you might have noticed that we have some new transports in the service discovery list. These will be unstable and is not reccomended for daily use yet. We have just tested the Facebook transport briefly (seems to work ok), but rumors say that the others should also work fine.

For more information please see www.spectrum.im.

Upgrades coming soon

We are planning to upgrade our server with a newer version of Ubuntu, new version of ejabberd and set up a test for transports from Spectrum. Obviously we will need to have some dowtime for these changes, and the longest of these will be when we upgrade the server OS.

The hopes are that this will create more, faster and stable services for you. Pending successful tests we can provision more transport to other networks supported (in varying degree) by Spectrum, like for instance ICQ, AIM, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Gadu-Gadu, og SIMPLE. IRC is supported directly by ejabberd, but maybe we should look at the functionality and performance on the Spectrum implementation. The best upside is that the Spectrum transport implementation should be much less resource demanding than the Python based transports we are running on now.

More information will come when we get closer to the changes, some more preparations will need to be done first.

ICQ Transport coming back

1237049303_icqWe have now downloaded and installed the latest version of the ICQ transport. Please test and report back if it works.

The reason we have not had the transport running has been a problem with the packaged version and the new version of Python on the new server we migrated to. For troubles because of this we are very sorry.

On a side note, we are also testing the new version of ejabberd and plan to do an upgrade very soon.