Yahoo transport test

I have just added the latest CVS version of the Yahoo transport and it seems to be working from my initial tests. Please have a look at it and report findings. To make it work I removed all the old registrations on it, so you woul have to re-register the transport on your account.

This is a little beta, so no guarantees! 😀

Updates to the Service

As the Ubuntu version we are running has expired on support we need to upgrade. Last time we upgraded we had lost of problems so we will install a new installation and reconfigure all services and do a switchover. When the new server is ready we will announce the switch.

We have also been updating the web page to make it more current, and plus the new version of WordPress has excellent plugins for multilanuage content which I have installed. During this phase some web services might not work.

Jabber Norway 1 year!

Today it is one year since we decided to publish our service more actively against regular users. We have had some users longer than this but those were more accidental. From 3rd of May last year the mission to create a more stable and professional service, but with an ‘easy’ profile. This we have managed to achieve in many ways, even though we have har periodic problems with unstability. Many of these things will improve in the time to come, but with our limited resources we have to take it easy on investments.It is very fun that so many has chosen to register as a Jabber user with us. Almost 1800 users in a year is impressive, at least when we have not used a dime in advertising or publishing of the service.

Alot happened when we started to write about Aplle and Mac when they came with iChat and the iChat server based on Jabber/XMPP. Suddenly Google started to send lots of Mac users our way and many of them (you!) registered and became Jabber Norway users.

In any case, happy birthday to us! 🙂 Hope many will continue to use and support our service, and have a nice summer!

Online Chatroom

I found this post on the jdev mailinglist about a new project called MUCKl that gives web users access to a chatroom without having a user on the server. I have installed it on this server and invite you to test it but since we have not tested it very much I cannot guarantee that it works. Though, all tests so far has worked fine 🙂

Choose Online Chatroom in the menu to test.

Windows Live Messenger

Now Microsoft has made a new Messenger, the one that will be the new version 8.0 when released. They have decided to give it a new name, Windows Live Messenger but it is really not that new. The beta testing is closed and distributed by invitations, and I got such an invitation from the py-transports mailing list and have therefor tested it. The client has new colors, a little fresher than the old, but I think many will have problems with the default orange :). Still it is full of comercials, buttons and stuff like the old one (I think it is becoming very bloated..!).

When it comes to the new stuff there will now be support for folder sharing, and offline message sending (which has been supported in ICQ forever, and in Jabber form the start!). The folder file sharing thing does not work yet but the offline message sending does. And I am happy to inform you that James on the PyMSNt devel team has already started to look into how to implement this support in the transport. Looking forward to that!

Soon the 0.11 version of the transport is ready, giving support for file transfers both ways with the new MSN Messenger clients. I have considered swapping the msn-beta over to the msn transport one of these days since the beta transport has proven pretty stable. Basically the only problems has been when upgrading it or when there has been problems with Ejabberd. I think hoever that the 0.11 release is pretty immident so I will wait for a few more days. Should there not come a realease we go over to running the CVS version in production for a while. Just note that the msn-beta users need to re-register on the msn transport since the msn-beta will be removed.

Jabber Norway in English

Since we have a lot of users that does not speak our native toungue we have decided to put up another page with english information. The basic mission of Jabber Norway is to provide a secure, upgraded and feature rich jabber server with good uptime and stability. We like to be current on versions of ejabberd and transports so we upgrade pretty quick. This might be a problem some times but for the most this has worked fine for our users. Every time we do service we send out a message on the server for online users so everyone knows what is going on.

More information on the english page will come soon. For now, just register on the Jabber server and start enjoying!