It har been a while since we blocked new registrations to the server (due to spam/bot attack). We will now purge old unused accounts to clean up the user database. Any unused account the last 3 months will be cleaned out, so if you havent logged on for a while, now it the time to do it! 🙂

Remember that you can still get a new account if you send an IM to stian@jabber.no, stian@barmen.nu or email to stian@barmen.nu. This will be a manual process so please be patient and also remember to put in your preferred account username + an alternative or two.

We are also working to migrate to a new solution for user regitration and account management. We might move the whole server onto a new plattform for Jabber Norge, but before we do that we will do some testing with our recently acquired domain jabber.im. Stay tuned for that 🙂


Vi jobber med å teste ut ny plattform for Jabber Norge og vil i fremtiden sikkert migrere over på en ny installasjon hvor det blir letter for brukere å registrere seg og gjøre brukeradministrasjon. Vi har nylig registrert domenetet jabber.im som kommer til å bli testet ut på en ny server først før vi ser på å migrere over jabber.no i etterkant.

Når vi er klarer for å få inn test brukere på jabber.im vil vi komme med en ny artikkel her på siden. Stay tuned 🙂

Updated status

The last few months lots have happened in my life, and at the same time not so much on the Jabber server. Luckily we now run our service on a much better hardware platform at Interhost. My personal situation has been about work lately, and I have now decided to quit my job with IT-Akademiet and will from January work for Skill. The process is now alomost complete, so I hope to get my head out of this haze. 🙂

On other news we have now about 4275 registered users, 150-160 concurrent users and about 3-400 very active users (online every other day or more often).

I was wondering about cleaning the user database. Maybe run a script that deletes users with no activity the last 12 months. Is this to strict a policy? Please provide feedback! 🙂 The first step is of course cleaning out the users which never have logged on.

Adoption and travel

We have for a while been waiting to adopt a child from South Africa, and now we finally got the telephone and we are going for a trip. Wednesday 14th of February we are leaving, and the return is scheduled for saturday 3rd of March.

While I am gone Carl-Christian Salvesen will be the main contact if any problems should arise. He knows the server well and knows how to fix most things. You can reach him on calle@ioslo.net, or on Jabber / XMPP at calle@jabber.no.

I will be available online sometimes but I will be on the other side of the world, so I am not 100% confident. We ordered wireless access, we will see 🙂

Database Error

I managed to kill my databases today, and it is all my own fault. Should not be a problem since I did have backups, but now none of my backups work, at least no other than this, but it is 6 months old…! I should have done a fire drill. Anyways, my jabber databases are intact, they have a better backup system, and I also have done fire drills on that system so they are more secure. This one did only affect the jabber page and my own personal homepage.
So now I need to set it up all again, and so I am back to the old drupal vs wordpress. Maybe I should do a poll as to what I should do now?

Anyways, give me a few days to recover and set myself up again. We will be fully back in business very soon, and again, this does not affect the jabber service, transports or any other things.

This is very irritating, I have too much to do these days, but .. 🙂

Google Summer of Code

This year too Google decided to have another Summer of Code (SOC). Basically Google pays you to code software for one of the sponsored projects. If you look into the list of software you can see many Jabber projects like Jabber Software Foundation, Gaim, Adium and probably more (I think I read about Ejabberd too but could not find them in the list).

Most of the other projects are Linux / Open Source, but just go over to the page and fine one!If you are a student, or just like sitting inside and code all summer, please find a nice project and join the program.

Thank you Google! :)

Petter Millard passed away

Maybe you don’t know who Peter Millard was, but he was the main developer for Exodus, a popular Jabber client for Windows. He was also one of the ones administering www.jabber.org and a very important person in the Jabber/XMPP community. Peter has fought cancer for some time and thought he was well untill a few weeks ago, but he had to give up the fight on wednesday night. He leaves behind a wife and a young daughter, our condolanses.

Read more on St. Peters blog and Planet Jabber.

Ejabberd 1.1.0 is released!

Ejabberd 1.1.0 has shipped and is packed with more news and updates. New functionality worth mentioning is zlib compression of client to server traffic (I know Pandion support this), sasl anonymous logon (for anonymous access to MUC/Chatrooms), native support for MySQL as the database backend (we are migrating to this in a while!), logging for MUC/Chatrooms integrated (we have used a patch for this till now).

For more information about this release you can read the release notes here.

For your information we did try to upgrade the server to ejabberd 1.1.0 but we had some problems with TLS and klient to server handshake. I need to sort out these problems before we can shift over to the new version, but it will not be long! 🙂

Ejabberd on Jabber.org

This morning I got a mail from the XMPP.net mailinglist informing that jabber.org has upgraded its server to use ejabberd. So far they have been using the stable version of  jabberd but since they have not had a release in a long time, ejabberd har gone far beyond in functionality. Even if jabberd has a 2.0 development project many has migrated to ejabberd, just like we did on Jabber Norway around a year ago 😉

We congratulate jabber.org with the upgrade, and ejabberd for getting their software onto the largest jabber server on the Internet!