Database troubles

Since we upgraded the server to Ejabberd 20.01 we have had some issues with the database. This is being worked on, but since we have a huge DB it takes some time. In the meantime we will have instability until we have ironed out the issues. Sorry for this, but hopefully when this is done we will get a more stable service (fingers crossed).

Downtime today

Sorry, but have today had issues with Ejabberd – it would not start after a normal service restart. Due to having a really horrible Internet connection during my vacation on Sicily in Italy resolving it took a long time.

I ended up reinstalling and recompiling Ejabberd and now it seems to be back in service.

Very sorry about this and the trouble this has caused.

Upgrades coming soon

We are planning to upgrade our server with a newer version of Ubuntu, new version of ejabberd and set up a test for transports from Spectrum. Obviously we will need to have some dowtime for these changes, and the longest of these will be when we upgrade the server OS.

The hopes are that this will create more, faster and stable services for you. Pending successful tests we can provision more transport to other networks supported (in varying degree) by Spectrum, like for instance ICQ, AIM, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Gadu-Gadu, og SIMPLE. IRC is supported directly by ejabberd, but maybe we should look at the functionality and performance on the Spectrum implementation. The best upside is that the Spectrum transport implementation should be much less resource demanding than the Python based transports we are running on now.

More information will come when we get closer to the changes, some more preparations will need to be done first.