MSN Transport problems

There was some problems this morning, I woke up to a memory eating transport and the server was very slow. After som tests I found out that the problem was my own msn account. Every time I logged on the transport stalled, but as long as I kept from logging on everything was ok. So now I will test with the msn-beta transport to find the error and in the meantime keep from logging on the msn transport.

At least things seems to be working better now! 🙂

Firewall restart

We had to restart the firewall today and therefor the service was unavailable for a little while. When it was restarting I reconfigured ejabberd and put in a couple of new modulse that is supposed to give us some more statistics to put out on the web page. Will be getting back to this soon.

Other than this there is nothing much to report. This weekend I will maybe move over to the svn version but I have to see if I have the time. Also we probably should run both double up a few days so people can migrate over.
Have a nice weekend! 😀

MSN Upgraded

There was a problem with the MSN transport today, seemed hung up in a loop. I upgraded it to version 0.10.3 to fix the problem and it seems to be running smooth again now. Thanks to Martin Groth for reporting the problem to me.

Will also just remind everyone that 0.11 is coming along on There is support for file sending and receiving at the momemt, although sending is a litt unstable. Not so long till we upgrade! 🙂