ICQ Transport coming back

1237049303_icqWe have now downloaded and installed the latest version of the ICQ transport. Please test and report back if it works.

The reason we have not had the transport running has been a problem with the packaged version and the new version of Python on the new server we migrated to. For troubles because of this we are very sorry.

On a side note, we are also testing the new version of ejabberd and plan to do an upgrade very soon.

MSN Transport fixed

At least right now it seems to be working fine again. The problem was with ejabberd, and I used much time trying to fix the transport. In the end I hade tried two different servers (to try a different ip if mine was banned) and in the end only restart ejabberd was left. After doing this everything worked again.

Hope it lasts! 🙂

And, I am very sorry that it took so long before I resolved this but my life and work is more demanding these days .. :/

MSN Transport problems

The last days we have had some problems with the MSN transport. For some reason messages does not arrive when talking to contacts. I do not know what is causing these problems, but it might be a change in the MSN protocol by Microsoft.

I will do what I can to fix this problem, but you might want to use Gaim in the mean time.

PyICQ-t upgraded to 0.7a

It has been a few quiet days not, at least here, but that is because of the fact that I actually have a dayjob too 🙂 But at least I got time last night to upgrade the PyICQ-t transport to the latest version. Hope this resolves issues if any!

Also I can inform that towards the end of the month we will change IP addresses and we will then have some downtime. Will get back to this when we decide on a  time to do this.

ICQ Transport Upgraded

I have upgraded the ICQ transport to version 0.7, almost a year has passed since the last update so its very nice to get an update. Alot has changed since the last update but the most important for the users is support for Avatar images and improved Unicode support. For more information about whats changed see this information.

I havent tested the transport a whole lot since I no longer have many ICQ contacts, but my ICQ number is 1458759 so just contact me and we can test 🙂