MSN Transport problems

There was some problems this morning, I woke up to a memory eating transport and the server was very slow. After som tests I found out that the problem was my own msn account. Every time I logged on the transport stalled, but as long as I kept from logging on everything was ok. So now I will test with the msn-beta transport to find the error and in the meantime keep from logging on the msn transport.

At least things seems to be working better now! 🙂

MSN transport updated

Now we have tested the SVN version of PyMSNt for some time on and it has proved feature rich and stable. Since it has been upated quite frequently I have felt we could not run it as our maing transport, but now the last few weeks the updates has been few and all functionality has been added for the most part. Now it only remains to test it properly.

Hope all will appreciate this new transport and that it will work just as well, and beter, than the old one. There will probably be some adjustments to be made the next weeks but nothing major. Should be quite stable.

I just tested file transfer between Windows Live Messenger and Gajim 0.9.1 both ways and it worked very well.

MSN Transport Test

The next version of the MSN transport is undergoing heavy development these days. A few weeks ago I installed an transport based on the trunk svn code to test how it is coming along. The last few days there has been added support for file transfer with the new MSN type clients (MSN 7.5 etc). Legacy support for Windows Messenger is still not working but is coming soon.

MSN Transport IconNote that the file transfer support is for receiving files at this moment, but the sending part is going to be added in a few days, maybe a couple of weeks worst case. No guarantees!

If you should choose to test the msn-beta transport this will not have the same uptime as I svn update and patch the sources pretty often, with the subsequent restart. Last week I restarted the transport on an average twice a day. If you want to follow the development of the transport you can look into the mailing list.

Should you choose to test the msn-beta transport just go ahead, but remember when we migrate from test to production on I will not migrate the spool from msn-beta. This will result in that nicknames and roster sorting you have done will get lost. All contacts will be saved (they are saved on the MSN servers!) For those just sticking to they will get the spool upgraded.

I guess it will take perhaps a few months till file support will be added to the transport. If the support gets good enought to test it in production I will probably implement it. Even if it has not yet gotten released.

Happy testing! 🙂