Database troubles

Since we upgraded the server to Ejabberd 20.01 we have had some issues with the database. This is being worked on, but since we have a huge DB it takes some time. In the meantime we will have instability until we have ironed out the issues. Sorry for this, but hopefully when this is done we will get a more stable service (fingers crossed).

Downtime on Ejabberd

We have again had some downtime on ejabberd, and I cannot find anything in the logs. Sadly this is happening when I am on easter vacation so it took some time before I noticed the problem. Should the problem occur again then I would love an SMS sendt to +47 932 42 123 and then I can start it up again. When I get back to work I will investigate the problem further.

Sorry for problems this has caused.

Happy easter to all! 🙂

Firewall restart

We had to restart the firewall today and therefor the service was unavailable for a little while. When it was restarting I reconfigured ejabberd and put in a couple of new modulse that is supposed to give us some more statistics to put out on the web page. Will be getting back to this soon.

Other than this there is nothing much to report. This weekend I will maybe move over to the svn version but I have to see if I have the time. Also we probably should run both double up a few days so people can migrate over.
Have a nice weekend! 😀