Database Error

I managed to kill my databases today, and it is all my own fault. Should not be a problem since I did have backups, but now none of my backups work, at least no other than this, but it is 6 months old…! I should have done a fire drill. Anyways, my jabber databases are intact, they have a better backup system, and I also have done fire drills on that system so they are more secure. This one did only affect the jabber page and my own personal homepage.
So now I need to set it up all again, and so I am back to the old drupal vs wordpress. Maybe I should do a poll as to what I should do now?

Anyways, give me a few days to recover and set myself up again. We will be fully back in business very soon, and again, this does not affect the jabber service, transports or any other things.

This is very irritating, I have too much to do these days, but .. 🙂