Ejabberd 1.1.0 is released!

Ejabberd 1.1.0 has shipped and is packed with more news and updates. New functionality worth mentioning is zlib compression of client to server traffic (I know Pandion support this), sasl anonymous logon (for anonymous access to MUC/Chatrooms), native support for MySQL as the database backend (we are migrating to this in a while!), logging for MUC/Chatrooms integrated (we have used a patch for this till now).

For more information about this release you can read the release notes here.

For your information we did try to upgrade the server to ejabberd 1.1.0 but we had some problems with TLS and klient to server handshake. I need to sort out these problems before we can shift over to the new version, but it will not be long! 🙂

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  1. You forgot some norwegean in the end of this post. Thanks for hard work!