Ejabberd restarted today

This morning I restarted Ejabberd because it had stopped. I have examied the log files to find out what happened but it seems that the jabber service just died suddenly. Happily all seems to work as it should 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ejabberd restarted today”

  1. First of all, thanks a lot for this great jabber server.
    After the server was restarted, the MSN transport became very unstable, at least for me. I always got disconnected from MSN, mostly after I finished and closed a chat session.
    Can anyone confirm this problem?

  2. Hello Victorinoxs!

    I have not had any problems since the restart myself, and I use MSN transport as well. But, in fairness I have been offline a bit the last few days so I cannot give a positive report.

    Other users please comment! 🙂