Finally a disk error!

Yes, I do mean it, finally! 🙂 This is because now I know what has caused the server hangs lately. Smartd reported an “Offline_Uncorrectable” sector and the RAID on IDE disks does not respond nicely to sector errors. Now the sector has been marked dead, and the raid is synced again, plus I know which disk has caused the problems.

I am looking forward to the move of server, cause the other server has SCSI disks and they are more stable. Still there is more to do before I can migrate but it is on my roadmap. At least I feel confident that one more problem has been solved!

6 thoughts on “Finally a disk error!”

  1. Does the sever filter out any improper content??

    I just found that if I send a link:

    to an MSN contact, he/she will not receive it, even the following msg (irrelevant content) cannot be successfully delivered.

    He/she then will not see any msg sent by me, until he/she send me a msg.

    Can anyone confirm this weird problem??

    Thanks a lot!!

  2. Yes, I can confirm it. I am just wondering if it is a safety thing in the MSN network. Seems they do some testing to secure that you dont get a link to a downloadable virus or something.

    I will send this to the pytransports mailing list and ask them.

  3. just tested with official msn client, web MSN and aMSN, it seems that it’s a problem of MSN network….

  4. Yes, Lars on the transports lists confirmed the problem, and says that the MSN network triggers on the word download.php, so sending “asdfdownload.phpghjk” would also cause the same problem.

    The only problem I can find with the transport is that after this switchboard connection error the transport can nolonger send messages to the contact. Lars asked about a fix for this, so lets hope there will be.

    Thanks for reporting this error 🙂