ICQ Transport coming back

1237049303_icqWe have now downloaded and installed the latest version of the ICQ transport. Please test and report back if it works.

The reason we have not had the transport running has been a problem with the packaged version and the new version of Python on the new server we migrated to. For troubles because of this we are very sorry.

On a side note, we are also testing the new version of ejabberd and plan to do an upgrade very soon.

5 thoughts on “ICQ Transport coming back”

  1. It works very well. The only thing missing now is a Facebook Chat transport !!

  2. A Facebook Chat transport would be really nice! I don’t know what software jabber.no is running but according to http://kraken.blathersource.org a Facebook transport will be included in the upcoming version of the Kraken gateway (Openfire).

  3. Hey, we run ejabberd here, but seems that it might be on the roadmap. Still the Kraken implementation does not support file transfer and such .. will keep an eye on it though, migt become mature. 🙂