ICQ Transport Upgraded

I have upgraded the ICQ transport to version 0.7, almost a year has passed since the last update so its very nice to get an update. Alot has changed since the last update but the most important for the users is support for Avatar images and improved Unicode support. For more information about whats changed see this information.

I havent tested the transport a whole lot since I no longer have many ICQ contacts, but my ICQ number is 1458759 so just contact me and we can test 🙂

4 thoughts on “ICQ Transport Upgraded”

  1. anyway, I don’t know why, but my jabber client wont synchronise with my ICQ status. All the time , people see me online..

  2. Thanks for providing jabber.no. Some weeks (6/2011 I think) ago the ICQ transport stopped working for me. Since I tried different clients there seems to be a problem with the server. Perhaps you can find some time for looking into this.