Jabber Norway 1 year!

Today it is one year since we decided to publish our service more actively against regular users. We have had some users longer than this but those were more accidental. From 3rd of May last year the mission to create a more stable and professional service, but with an ‘easy’ profile. This we have managed to achieve in many ways, even though we have har periodic problems with unstability. Many of these things will improve in the time to come, but with our limited resources we have to take it easy on investments.It is very fun that so many has chosen to register as a Jabber user with us. Almost 1800 users in a year is impressive, at least when we have not used a dime in advertising or publishing of the service.

Alot happened when we started to write about Aplle and Mac when they came with iChat and the iChat server based on Jabber/XMPP. Suddenly Google started to send lots of Mac users our way and many of them (you!) registered and became Jabber Norway users.

In any case, happy birthday to us! 🙂 Hope many will continue to use and support our service, and have a nice summer!

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