MacOS Authentication Issues

In effort to secure the Jabber Norway server from the level it has been before we have made some steps, and one of those was to disable SSLv3 since it is insecure. In the same go I was reccomended to disable TLSv1 and that was not a good idea for MacOS users with Psi or IM+. These clients have been unable to authenticate over the last few days and I was not able to reproduce the issue as I have no Mac myself.

Today I did some testing and we found the TLS disabling to be the source issue and luckily the service now works fine again. Very sorry for restarting the server multiple times during this testing but at least now our MacOS users are able to log in successfully again. Still there are some few optimizations we will have to do so there might some few restarts to the service happening but I promise this will be over soon!

Very sorry about the issues!