About jabber.no

The Simple Facts Jabber.no is run by Stian Barmen and Carl-Christian Salvesen. We offer no guarantees, but we are nice guys, promise! Our jabber server of choice is now ejabberd in the latest, and greatest version, and we use Gentoo Linux as operatingsystem. Hosting is provided on Vserver by Interhost. Be aware that accounts not logged on for more than a year will be deleted the 15th of each calendar month. The Mission The basic mission of Jabber Norway is to provide a secure, upgraded and feature rich jabber server with good uptime and stability. We like to be current on versions of ejabberd and transports so we upgrade pretty quick. This might be a problem some times but for the most this has worked fine for our users. Every time we do service we send out a message on the server for online users so everyone knows what is going on. Company Information Name: Barmens IT Norwegian Org. Number: 988 690 600 Telephone: +47 932 42 123 e-mail: stian@barmen.nu xmpp: stian@jabber.no Support Jabber Norway We do not charge for out services, and this server we run mainly because we love Jabber 🙂 Should you want to participate please support us with a donation.

If you feel that there is something you would like to do to support Jabber Norway, please contact us.

5 thoughts on “About jabber.no”

  1. Hi guys,
    for first thank you for you service.
    But i not found information about your security and privacy policy.
    Therefore, before start using your service, I want to know your policy. Do you keep personal information about sessions and other information? Do you keep log files of communication?
    Awaiting your response
    Best, Chris

  2. I do not log any conversation information and I require encrypted communication from client to server. Normal service logs are of course kept, but that only includes logon/logoff times etc.

  3. Hy Dudes,

    Is there any way you could integrate a server online/offline message on the website?
    Still suffering many short downtimes, and it would be pretty useful to know, wether it’s me or the jabber server.

    Anyway, thanks for the good job so long and keep ’em running dudes. 😉

  4. What gateways do you support (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, &c)? It would be nice if you could put a list under uptime of supported gateways and the status of each (working/down).