It har been a while since we blocked new registrations to the server (due to spam/bot attack). We will now purge old unused accounts to clean up the user database. Any unused account the last 3 months will be cleaned out, so if you havent logged on for a while, now it the time to do it! 🙂

Remember that you can still get a new account if you send an IM to stian@jabber.no, stian@barmen.nu or email to stian@barmen.nu. This will be a manual process so please be patient and also remember to put in your preferred account username + an alternative or two.

We are also working to migrate to a new solution for user regitration and account management. We might move the whole server onto a new plattform for Jabber Norge, but before we do that we will do some testing with our recently acquired domain jabber.im. Stay tuned for that 🙂