Upgraded Spectrum to latest dev version

We have upgraded to last version of Spectrum due to stability problems on the version we have been running (pulling down the ejabberd server). Hope things are (more) stable now.

14 thoughts on “Upgraded Spectrum to latest dev version”

  1. Yes kindof, problems with the Spectrum transports pull ejabberd into a faul and kills the service. Upgrading both Spectrum and ejabberd hopefully it will work more stable. 🙂

  2. Dessverre ikke. 🙁 Jeg kan ikke koble til jabber serveren. Men tusen takk for din innsats. Hilsen.

  3. In the last few days the ICQ Transport icq.jabber.no is often down. Would be nice if it gets more stable. 🙂

  4. I must correct my post. Its not the transport I can’t connect to. I can’t reach any services with my external accounts. They are at Google Talk and jabber.ccc.de.
    I don’t have a direct account at jabber.no.

  5. Jabber servicen er nede igjen 🙁 Jeg kan ikke koble til siden søndag eller mandag.

  6. I have enabled the auto-restart script again. Still the same error in the logs, wondering if I should disable the Spectrum transports by this stage.

  7. Hvor finnes egentlig spectrum transportene? Med psi/gajim jeg ser bare (msn,aim,icq,irc,proxy,conference,vjud,pubsub).jabber.no.

  8. I’ve noticed quite a few reboots lately. Is there any status update on stability improvements for the server?