PyICQ-t upgraded to 0.7a

It has been a few quiet days not, at least here, but that is because of the fact that I actually have a dayjob too 🙂 But at least I got time last night to upgrade the PyICQ-t transport to the latest version. Hope this resolves issues if any!

Also I can inform that towards the end of the month we will change IP addresses and we will then have some downtime. Will get back to this when we decide on a  time to do this.

6 thoughts on “PyICQ-t upgraded to 0.7a”

  1. Hallo, I don’t know if it is in case of this update, but I if I change my status (to DnD for example), I am still awaylable. I am new here, so I cannot say if it worked yesterday. I use transport.

  2. I’m experiencing problems logging in with ICQ or MSN through Actually, MSN gateway seems to have disappeared from the services list. I hope you can spare some time to solve these issues, and thank you guys a lot for maintaining this server so well.