Registrations (maybe) moved to WordPress

I have been trying to migrate authentication to the WordPress user database as source. This already works in my test setup and I will do some trial of migration of users accounts before we try to implement this on the live server. The upside with having accounts in WordPress is that we have the opportunity to establish a forum and community in a much smoother way. Then all users could help each other more than today, and user guides and inputs will be more “alive”. The goal with the change are different, one part is the collaboration part, the second part is to get a more robust user registration and password reset system through the wordpress framework.

There are also some downsides, for instance that the profile in WordPress and Ejabberd are not synchronized. This means that changing your Name or other profile settings in WordPress will not be updated in the Jabber profile and vice versa. To get that to work we need to greate a sync of the profiles and that is currently not in scope, though very feasable since they both use the same MySQL DB backend server.

I will update when I know more, so still we have a situation where we only use manual registrations. 🙂