Spectrum enabled, Python transports stopped

I have now removed the Python based transports and enabled the Spectrum ones again since it did not have any effect disabling them. Lets see what happens in a few days of running this way.

7 thoughts on “Spectrum enabled, Python transports stopped”

  1. MSN transport doesn’t seem to be working and is also missing from the Service Discovery -list.

  2. Hello,
    I was using MSN and ICQ transport, but now neither one of them is working.
    Event with service discovery on msn.jabber.no and icq.jabber.no I see the service, but I cannot do anything with it.

    I’m using PSI and both transports are connected to googletalk. In PSI the transports are offline and it is not possible to get them online.

    When I’m trying to connect to ICQ account throught ICQ web, i’ll get disconnected after few minutes, when icq.jabber.no reconnect.

    Thanks for help.

  3. For your information, I can log in to jabber.no, but all of my contacts disappeared in iChat.

  4. Its the same here. ICQ2Go disconnects when I start my XMPP account which is connected to icq.jabber.no, but Gajim shows no online contact and disconnected icq transport.

  5. Will icq.jabber.no ever be resumed or should I just move to some other transport?