Spectrum Transports

Some of you might have noticed that we have some new transports in the service discovery list. These will be unstable and is not reccomended for daily use yet. We have just tested the Facebook transport briefly (seems to work ok), but rumors say that the others should also work fine.

For more information please see www.spectrum.im.

21 thoughts on “Spectrum Transports”

  1. Hi, There is a new version of Spectrum. Developer fixed one problem with transport registration (now transports support jabber:iq:gateway).
    Could you please update spectrum to the latest revision?

    best regards,

  2. Hello Lukasz,

    I updated the checked out source today and compiled a new version. Should already be working now. Another one of the new things in this version is also support for MSN Avatars ;D

  3. Hi again,
    Something is wrong… I cannot connect to transport from yesterday evening.

  4. All Spectrum transport even not show in Service Discovery of jabber.no
    Last time, when errors occurs, they were visible, but I couldn’t login.

  5. yes, I know, server has been restarted by the service provider and the setting were only in memory of ejabberd. Will insert the settings again tonight. πŸ™‚

  6. and once again… Maybe something is wrong with Spectrum and HanzZ can repair this? This server is down to often 😐

  7. Nah, I think it is mostly down to startup and shutdown scripts along with the config files of ejabberd. I will try and clean up to see if it gets more stable. πŸ™‚

  8. Stupid config mistake on the ports that effectuated on reboot after maintenance. This has not been fixed and should not pose a problem next time.

    Latest revision of Spectrum installed again today πŸ™‚

  9. Great, but I see that only GG and MySpace transports are available. And for me only MSN transport is interesting… what about it? πŸ™‚

  10. and once again some transport are available and some not… unfortunately msn is in the second group :/
    I think HanzZ didn’t fixed this bug 😐

  11. HanzZ feels more comfortable about the stability now, we have updated again about lunch time (about 4 hours ago) and it has been running smooth since. Fingers crossed it works now.