Updated status

The last few months lots have happened in my life, and at the same time not so much on the Jabber server. Luckily we now run our service on a much better hardware platform at Interhost. My personal situation has been about work lately, and I have now decided to quit my job with IT-Akademiet and will from January work for Skill. The process is now alomost complete, so I hope to get my head out of this haze. 🙂

On other news we have now about 4275 registered users, 150-160 concurrent users and about 3-400 very active users (online every other day or more often).

I was wondering about cleaning the user database. Maybe run a script that deletes users with no activity the last 12 months. Is this to strict a policy? Please provide feedback! 🙂 The first step is of course cleaning out the users which never have logged on.

4 thoughts on “Updated status”

  1. It’s fairly reasonable to delete users with no activity in the last 12 months…or maybe even 6 months. Thanks for all your work!