12 thoughts on “We have switched ISP”

  1. Yes you are right, ejabberd has stalled again this morning, restarted it now and it seems to be working. I will work through the logs to se if I can find out what happened.

  2. I don’t know πŸ™ Just switched to gmail.com server, It’s commercially supported and I hope stable. It was a long journey to move all contacts, but 2 days downtime is one day too far..

  3. Maybe they’re on vacation and the neighbour accidentally kicked the powercord for the server πŸ™

  4. OMG….is jabber.no totally dead???
    can someone recommend any other server using ejabberd with the latest MSN transport?? Thanks!!!

  5. Sorry, but yes I am on vacation with no internet, you have to send me an sms on +47 932 42 123 if you want to get in contact with me! :/

    Sorry for this.