Yahoo transport test

I have just added the latest CVS version of the Yahoo transport and it seems to be working from my initial tests. Please have a look at it and report findings. To make it work I removed all the old registrations on it, so you woul have to re-register the transport on your account.

This is a little beta, so no guarantees! 😀

5 thoughts on “Yahoo transport test”

  1. Hi!
    Sorry for offtop. I couldn’t find any feedback on this page, that’s why I’m writing here.

    There are some problems in connection between and accounts. It seems to me that the server doesn’t work properly. Could you fix it, please?

    Thanks a lot. I don’t want to leave norwegian jabber!!

  2. I noticed that before yesterday, all incoming messaged were enclosed by stars (*) like that:

    But since today that effect is gone.

  3. Disregard that

    Seems that the stars don’t appear if the client is a phone (so I’m told). With the normal client, they are still here.