Yahoo transport

Lately the Yahoo transport has not been working. The other day I decided to try and empty the user database to see if the database itself was the cause of the problems, and since the service has been running smoothly. This means that you will need to re-register the transport if you are a registrered user. Just delete it and reconecct and register.

Hope for better Yahoo times 🙂

12 thoughts on “Yahoo transport”

  1. Thanks for your service. I am one of those who are using Is it possible to retrive my password some how??

  2. Hi Stian.
    [Apologies for the OT post, but I don’t have email at the moment.]
    I think the MSN transport is playing up again. My MSN friend is unable to receive my messages. Can you give the transport a reboot?

  3. I did a reboot of the transport now .. lets see how it works. Problem is that I have seen this problem before, and for the best of me I cannot remember how I fixed it back then.

  4. Hi Stian,

    I too have been having a lot of problems with the MSN transport lately, with contacts not receiving my messages. Also, I appear as online when I’m not even signed in.

    Would be very grateful if this could be fixed – thank you in advance!


  5. Hi Stian,

    Is it possible for me to use transport to add my yahoo friends, since MSN accepts yahoo contacts these days? Would it have to look like


  6. I dont know, but you can test. The pytransport mailinglist is also a good place to ask. But you know we have a Yahoo transport aswell? Atm. yahoo is also more stable working than msn 😉

  7. Thanks, it’s not a big deal. I’m just trying to consolidate all those transports, and I happen to have most of my friends on msn. Too bad it’s not as stable as yahoo right now, I hope that changes.

  8. Just an update on my jabber/msn endeavor. Adding yahoo contact to msn didn’t work all that well, after which I cleaned out all yahoo contacts from msn (even logged in on actual MSN Live Messenger to check). Now, however, every time I log in to I get this annoying message: “Pour ajouter des contacts Yahoo! Messenger à votre liste de contacts, installez la dernière version de Windows Live(TM) Messenger.” This is probably the wrong place to ask, but anything I can do to disable messages from this service?