Endring på Transportene

Vi har i flere år hatt gratis Jabber transporter til AIM, ICQ, MSN og delvis Yahoo (den siste har vært veldig ustabil!). Nå må vi rett og slett begrense dette til bare lokale jabber.no brukere da vi får alt for mye trafikk fra Google og lignende som ikke gjelder lokale brukere og som da går på bekostning av en kvalitets tjeneste for resten.

Av denne grunn kommer vi ila. denne uken å sperre eksterne brukere ute fra transportene våre.

Én kommentar til «Endring pÃ¥ Transportene»

  1. Just this week, I don’t seem to be able to sign into the MSN transport with my Gmail account. Is this related to the above announcement, or is this another problem? It was working from the 1st December up until now, and it’s a feature that I really appreciate having. I hope it hasn’t disappeared for good!

  2. Ok complete english newb here. I thought it would be cool to follow the gmailhackers directions on getting all your contacts from within gmail.

    Worst mistake of my life.

    I can’t figure out how to get the transports to go away.

    I think I’ve narrowed it down and i believed I used jabber.no via psi to add aol, yahoo, msn etc to my gmail sidebar.

    I hate it.

    Rather than someone explain to me, would the sys admin just delete my account.


    On other news, being in Norway, and I in the states – and seeing as how their is a community, perhaps we could have a lucrative business offer.


    Aaron Caudle